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Virginia Rules is an educational program especially designed to help instructors, parents and students understand the law as it applies to teens in their everyday lives.

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Full Statewide Virginia Rules Program Launched

Virginia Rules publicationsAug. 4, 2014 -- Attorney General Mark R. Herring has announced the statewide launch of Virginia Rules. This initiative will include a dedicated Virginia Rules Coordinator and regional coordinators, statewide training and resources, expanded camp opportunities, thousands of updated and new workbooks and support manuals, and more.

"I'm really proud that we're making the Virginia Rules program available to educators and community leaders across the state," said Attorney General Herring. "It's a lot easier to help kids develop good decision making and life skills on the front end than to deal with the consequences on the back end ... I hope we're able to reach every student in Virginia and help them become active members of their communities and productive citizens of the Commonwealth."

The program will build on the pilot work done over the last four years as hundreds of law enforcement and education professionals have made Virginia Rules their own, adapting it to their students and providing valuable feedback. It will reside under Programs and Community Outreach in the Virginia Office of the Attorney General, headed up by Director Mary Vail Ware.

"To our fantastic Virginia Rules teachers, thank you!" said Mark Fero, longtime Virginia Rules trainer. "You do tremendous good in the community and have helped make this launch possible, and we're going to be working with you to do even more. To new teachers and program users -- we can't wait to work with you and expand on all the great work you do."

School Safety Conference

Virginia Rules updates and new materials will be presented at the School Safety Conference in Hampton, August 4 - 6, 2014. Learn more and register for the annual School Safety Conference.

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

One in four teens has used a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them. Assistant Attorney General Ann Reardon was recently a guest on WTVR's Virginia This Morning TV show to share some simple tips on how to help combat this growing trend. Watch the interview »

Newport News police aim at gang issue in middle schools

Middle school students are the focus of a new program by the Newport News Police Department designed to keep youth away from gangs and out of trouble. Read more »

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Mark R. HerringWelcome from the Attorney General of Virginia

Dear Fellow Virginians:

Thank you for visiting our Virginia Rules website and for taking an active role in the development of Virginia's young people! Virginia Rules helps provide character education and teaches children their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the Commonwealth. We hope you find these resources to be helpful and informative. Read more »